Sunday, May 29, 2005

wanna buy a couch?

i am so close to my flight to LA that i can almost taste it. the only things holding me back are a couch and a dresser. today i took out my cat squishy's travelling bag. she took one look at it and hid for the rest of the day, she knows something is up. we need to have a serious talk.

well i've been at it again. this weeks overachievers assignment of doing a turn with the ballie character is hard. i gave it a few tries and couldn't get it right. i had to let it sit a few days and then go back to it with a more clear head. i also went back to my walk revisions to make it more vanilla and less strawberry and chocolate. some comments i have been getting from AM students and my boyfriend is that the feet look "sticky". rats! it looks like more revisions again! i wasn't sure if the ballie turn assignment was also supposed to be vanilla so i made one vanilla and another one i tried for fun is a girlish turn. i collected lots of reference movies on the internet of girlish turns and spun myself til i was dizzy trying to figure out the motion and timing. i had to scrap my first attempt and tried again today. this animation stuff is hard!


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