Sunday, May 29, 2005

wanna buy a couch?

i am so close to my flight to LA that i can almost taste it. the only things holding me back are a couch and a dresser. today i took out my cat squishy's travelling bag. she took one look at it and hid for the rest of the day, she knows something is up. we need to have a serious talk.

well i've been at it again. this weeks overachievers assignment of doing a turn with the ballie character is hard. i gave it a few tries and couldn't get it right. i had to let it sit a few days and then go back to it with a more clear head. i also went back to my walk revisions to make it more vanilla and less strawberry and chocolate. some comments i have been getting from AM students and my boyfriend is that the feet look "sticky". rats! it looks like more revisions again! i wasn't sure if the ballie turn assignment was also supposed to be vanilla so i made one vanilla and another one i tried for fun is a girlish turn. i collected lots of reference movies on the internet of girlish turns and spun myself til i was dizzy trying to figure out the motion and timing. i had to scrap my first attempt and tried again today. this animation stuff is hard!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

my first blog

wow, this blog craziness has really gotten way out of control. everyone's got a blog. how do all these people have time to do amazing assignments at animation mentor, work a full time job and blog their little hearts out too? it's just mind blowing.

well it has been a few weeks since i quit my job at psyop to focus on AM and plan a move to LA to be with my boyfriend marko. so far it has been going well except for a few frenzied moments selling everything i own on craiglist, you do meet some strange people that way.

last weeks strong pose:
i have been cruising around and noticed a definite pattern w the strong poses-

90% were one of the following
-lifting weights or something heavy
-classic atlas pose
-1 arm push up
-fight scene

what does this all mean?? after constantly seeing the same concept over and over again it begins to get a little mundane. it is a hard thing to try to peel the layers off of an open-ended assignment such as the poses assignments we have been getting. i like to really dig into the idea of the word and explore the million options, to me someone isnt just stong because they can lift something heavy, it comes from an internal attitude.

with that being said, this week is concerned, and boy o boy is this a lot harder. i brainstormed and came up w a bunch of supporting ideas and concepts:


i went through about 8 versions of stu confused and revised them for a few days. i have 4 versions up on the public review section and hopefully i will get some good feedback from all my talented am friends.