Friday, June 03, 2005 LA!

I have finnally arrived in Los Angeles after much haphazard planning and packing. I have way more stuff than any person should be alowed to own. I was so excited to step off the plane and see my boyfriend there waiting for us, ready to wlcome us home. Our new home is in Venice beach and it is so pretty here. Way different from NY, and I am ajusting just fine. For my cat on the other hand it has taken much longer to get acclimated. Squishy hid behind the refridgerator for a few days but is now starting to get the hang of the laid back way of life here. I think she'll be alright.
How is this all going to affect AM?
This week has been crazy with the move, packing and unpacking, I have ended up behind on my AM HW. Personality walks are due this Sunday and I have no idea what I am going to do. I want to set up my video camera and do some reference of myself doing many many silly walks. This semester is almost over and I can't believe it! It's all gone by so fast. Animation Mentor has been great so far and I have learned so much from all the talented people here. I can't wait for the next semester to begin. But first... Oh, right, this weeks HW! Gotta get started!


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