Sunday, October 30, 2005

Animation Mentor First Dialogue Assignment

Well this is the end of week 6, the final week of our first dialogue acting shots. I wish I had more time to tweak all the mistakes I see everywhere but you do the best with what you have. As Dylan Brown would say, "add more paprika next time" It is time to take a mini breather and catch up on all the great AM lectures I have been missing. We have the final segment of Walkthrough a Shot with Delio. That is sure to be great. I love getting to watch over these great animators shoulders, we get to see all their little tips and tricks. I had a lot of excitement this week, I had to buy a car to get to my new job tomorrow. Buying a car is stressful there are too many choices, and my assignment wasn't looking as good as I would have liked. I stuck with it, ended up running out of time at noon. There will probably be lots of revisions.

And we are starting our next dialogue shot right away. I chose some funny clips, I hope Jason can give me some good feedback since I like all of them and am not sure which one to go with.


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