Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bang, Sabrina's level 1 improv class karaoke graduation party

I can't believe my first class at bang is already over. Sabrina was such an awesome teacher and I think we all grew leaps and bounds. At the end we were all trying really hard to learn, and I think we kept pushing ourselves as individuals and as a group. We definitely found some comraddarie, and decided it wouldn't be right to go out without a bang, or a party for that matter. So that's how my second karaoke party for the week happened. We met up at Amiagi's in the Gower Gultch which is this weird fake western strip mall on Sunset, you would never find anything like that in NYC. I sang a few songs, and everyone was up on their feet for my "Blister in the Sun" rendition. Stacy surprised us all with her amazing singing ability "You're the right kind of sinner! " Rock on Stacy. And even though Sabrina couldn't be there, we know she was there in spirit. Much fun and sake was had by all, I can't wait to continue to level 2 w my new bang friends in our group, "Where's James"


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2nd Annual AM BBQ

This weekend I flew up to San Fran for the AM BBQ. What a trip! It was filled with new and old friends, lots of eating, drinking, and karaoke-ing. Thankfully my friend Lauren in class 3 was there with me otherwise I don't think I would have ever made it to the bbq since I do not know my way around those parts. Friday after I arrived, Lauren and I headed over to the AM Headquaters for a tour by none other than Taylor himself, it was awesome to see the actual office. I had never been there before and only seen it on the video news and in the lectures. Friday night we met up w Sternio, Matt Kelly, and Shelley at a local bar. Saturday was the world famous AM BBQ where about 150 people showed up!! It was so exciting to meet all the students I've been hearing about. There was lots of vegi burgers, beer, and animation talk, and even a few mentors dropped by. Then Saturday night was the much hyped Karaoke party at the Mint. It got pretty crowded in there but we were still able to sing a few tunes. Then we headed to another bar down the street to meet up w more AM folks. The night flew by, and after a slice of San Fran pizza we headed home, Matt W and Eric (Bakerboy) were kind enough to give us a ride. Then I flew back Sunday, I'm so glad I made the trip this year. There are tons of pictures floating around (and possibly some video??) I'll try to get my pics up this week, but in the meantime:

Kenny R's pics

Sternio's pics

Jay's pics

Freddy's pics