Wednesday, June 08, 2005

deep thoughts, or something

breathe in...
ok, i've calmed down a little. i am just getting so ovewhelmed with how much i need to learn in this crazy animation world. eventhough i have learned so much in this short first semester of AM, i still have miles and miles to go. but trying to keep a steady pace and a clear head is all i can do.

first semester...
this first semester of AM is ending and i am so sad. i don't want a different mentor, i want to keep mark behm becasue he is the best mentor ever. i really can't see anyone being better than him, and our class rocked, i don't know how i feel about losing all this. but i guess i have to keep an open mind and make new friends in the next shuffing of the AM classes. i can hardly wait to find out who my new mentor is and who my new classmates are.

life in LA...
so far is going smoothly, there is just so much to do with all the unpacking and setting up furniture that it is way more distracting than being in my tiny NYC studio with nothing to distract me but brick walls. ok, need to concentrate. i think it will take a while to get into the new grove and i haven't exactly found my way yet. i think my assignments haven't been as good since i moved because of all the distractions and such. the next semester starts up right away without a break, i really wish we had a few weeks off to regroup and catch up on reading, and revisions. i could really use that extra time to get things together. plus i am stressing out because i sent my tuition payment more than a week ago and AM still hasn't received it yet. if that s lost i don't know what i am going to do.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger TTesla said...

hey, you ARE future animator! just remind yourself that many killing deadlines are just waittin' for you, there in a future. ;)
try to give yourself a break, ie one day off from everything. get some friends and get out of the house, especially away from the computer, have fun and 'fill your batteries'. perhaps you can take a sketchbook and do some sketches? ha? :)

organisation is sooo important. does this sounds to you? like for exaaample 'planning'? ;)

go go anthea go hehhee

At 12:24 PM, Blogger rebecca said...

Hi! Yeah I'm so excited about my blog... although I NEVER thought I'd actually start one of these pages... i never really have anything interesting to say... or think that anyone is interested in what I would say... ;) But anyhoo... I'm dedicating my page to just showing my work and not so much talking. Hopefully I can get feedback from as many folks as possible.
You have a pretty cool site too! Lemme know what it is you need to know about putting our AM work up. I'm more than happy to help!

At 2:05 PM, Blogger david a said...

Well Tomislav wins. He's right! Yes go go, go draw! I know, I kind of want to stay with Mark myself, because I totally enjoy his class and what I've learned. But hey, we meet new people and have a blast of a time right? So good luck! You'll do fine. and I'll go commenting on your Workspace, so no worries :o! But just remember...

Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.. just keep swimming :D!

At 6:58 PM, Blogger anthea said...

you are right! i am signing up for an acting course and gesture drawing at gnomon. that's enough to make a hungry little animator satisfied. and i promise to watch Tons of movies for inspiration. i really have to take advantage of life out there, after all without life there IS no animation.

deep thoughts and stuff


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