Sunday, August 21, 2005

Week 9, Still Emotional

Week 9 Started out good. I was still feeling good about my adventures with breakdowns. I was pretty happy with the direction my emotion test project was going in but I knew it still needed a lof of work. This week we were supposed to be finishing up the emotion test, splining and smooting, but first I needed to fix the comments Derek had given me in my crit and all the great suggestions the students at AM had. I also started adding in more breakdowns, and playing around more with the timing.

Things were looking good by Thursday and before the QNA w Derek I emailed him a link to my WIP so far last Thursday. He ended up doing a mini review in the QNA which was great and very helpful. I made the small changes and took out the looking at the tomato part which was an extra beat I didn't need. The ending still wasn't done and I needed some ideas fast. I had decided against the sulk walk off stage,it was a great idea but I would not have time to finish it so it had to go.

I had an idea to do a stumble backwards after the second tomato, this way Stewie would be farther away from cam for his rejected pose. I sketched some ideas, filmed reference and used the GPT, then tried relentlesly to block out this part of the animation. I was doomed, it looked horrible after working on it for 12 hours on Sat. I decided to trash all that blocking and start again on the ending. I had already started the ending over 5 times so once more wasn't going to hurt right? So I splined up the beginning which is looking alright and blcoked out a rough version of the new ending. I am just plum out of ideas for now on how to make the ending work. We will see what Derek says. Can't wait for the new Face of the Day on Thursday.

We also had some sketches due in preparation of our next assignment. The next assignment is to come up with an animation that shows a single idea, 100 frames max. Pretty vague huh? Well it's pretty cool to be able to choose anything you want, whos to say what is or is not a single idea? I think the real assignment is to come up with an animation you can actually finish in 2 weeks, since that's all we have for this one. I had some ideas and sketched out a bunch of them.

-Lost, looking at a map for directions and having no idea where you are (I've, uhm done some research on that one...being new to LA you get lost tons)

-Temper Tantrum, stomping up and down

-Good news in a letter, jumping for joy

-Sadness, Stewie crying over a picture of Stewette

I'm not sure which one or if any of these ideas I will choose. I am still not done with my emotion test so that is going to take a lot of time in revisions this week. I never finished my heavy push and walk as well, they were in an almost finished state but I was never satisfied with them and there were always things I wanted to fix. Who knows if I will ever have the time to fix up those old projects, the priority is always what is on my plate at the moment and that is the emotions, and idea project. The semester is almost ending and there is so much work left to do.


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