Saturday, September 24, 2005

Reference is Good

So I have been having a hard time with this audio assignment. Once I got going I found it hard to narrow down my choices. I didn't want to use any clips from the internet for fear of them being overused. It also said in the class 3 syllabus that part of the assignment was for us to learn to decipher a good usable audio clip from the boring dribble that is out there. I rented about a dozen movies, everything from Raising Arizona to A Streetcar Named Desire, hoping to find that one perfect audio clip.

I went through all the movies this week and ended up ripping about 30 clips. I narrowed and narrowed until I got down to 10, then 6 now finally 3 that I am really comfortable with. There were so many others that I really liked as well but decided that they might not work as well with our new rig Bishop who has pretty limited facial controls, easing us into facial animation, he only has an up and down controller for the eyebrows. But I think it is a great transition from the blank stare of Stewie.

Week 1 Assignment 3 Audio Clips
1. He's an Angel
2. Queen of Sheba
3. Apologize Sincerely

Now I have been taping reference of myself acting out these lines. So far it's not going too well and that helped me narrow down from the previous 6 choices I had before. I have come up with scenarios for all 3 of these clips and will hand in the ideas, the reference captures, thumbnails along with the audio.


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