Tuesday, April 25, 2006

workshops and more learning

The Anatomy workshop I took this Sunday went really well. t was a lot of information to take in all in one day, especially for me since I had absolutely zero prior knowledge of anatomy. We covered every area of the body and I think I understand the skeletal and muscular systems a lot better now. here's no telling if this will help improve my drawing ability but I think there's a good chance it will help. It is so amazing how much this stuff just clicked listening to the instructor go over all the muscles that are in all of us, and now all I can see are the muscles underlying each form I encounter. It's almost like seeing bodies and faces in a new light, in a different way. No wonder all my drawings before looked like body suits, I had no idea of what was actually going on under there. And then I started to wonder why in all the schools I attended that anatomy wasn't required, it's a shame I've gone on this long as an artist without any anatomy information.

As a follow up I am going to attend a drawing seminar with Karl Gnass at the Animation Academy this Saturday on Using the Force: The Dynamics of the Figure. I am really excited for this jump start in my drawing education, hopefully I will have some good sketches to post soon.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Justin Weg said...

Hey Anthea!
Its Justin W. from AM. Hope everything is going well with you. These classes you are taking sound really cool. I'd love to see some of your drawings!

At 9:32 AM, Blogger anthea said...

Hi Justin, Everything is going really great, I am really enjoying the small amount of free time I have right now and taking advantage of it by filling it up w classes. I try to get to the drawign classes at lunchtime at least once or twice a week. I have tons of sketches, although most of them are awful! I will try to see if I can scan some and post them soon.


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