Wednesday, May 03, 2006

first class at bang improv studio

Yesterday was my first class at Bang Improv Studio. I had originally intended to enrol about 6 months ago but had to cancel due to my work schedule at the time. Since we have had a little bit of a breather I thought it would be a great chance to get back into improv, so I enrolled in the level 1 class.

I had taken 1 improv class back in NYC at the Upright Citizens Brigade. It was really interesting to see the different approaches of the 2 teachers so far. Some of the exercises we played seemed familiar but also very different approaches. For instance one exercises we played last night was an activity game, a person was to start an activity on stage and the next in line was to begin acting out the activity in sync with the person, when you realized what they were doing, you said "we're brushing our teeth" or whatever the activity was, then you begin a new activity of your own. In NY we played the "what are you doing?" game which was sort of similar but quite different. In "what are you doing", a person would start by doing an activity, say brushing their teeth, then the next person after realizing what they were doing would ask "what are you doing?" the person would then respond something totally different like "I'm stretching for a marathon" and the next person would have to take on that activity.

Last night it seemed a lot of the exercises were to try to get us to be on the same page at a subconscious level, we did this mirror exercise where you are supposed to match your partner's every move as if you were one. It was really interesting to see how in touch with one another you can become with the right level of concentration. We also jumped right into scene work, and did our best. I was really nervous, but I think most of us were. It was really fun overall and I can't wait for the next lesson.

A great thing is that Bang students get into shows for free, so I will definitely have to take advantage of that great offer.


At 11:39 PM, Blogger Brad said...

Awsome Anthea!!
This is a bit backwards,
but, welcome to bang!
Who is your first instructor?
How many are in your class??
Just relax and have fun!
Good luck!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger anthea said...

Hey Brad! It was great running into you last night. I didn't realize I could have sat and chatted with you longer because my friends who were in the show had to wait for notes from their teacher anyways, I didn't know they got notes after their performance, how nerve racking! My instructor is Sabrina and she's super cool, there are about 12 in my class, only 2 guys!Thanks so much for the warm welcome, I look forward to my next class on Tuesday and running into you again!


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