Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ollie Johnston is a Rockstar

last night i went to a screening of the newly restored digital version of BAMBI at the beautiful theatre of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences, yes "the" academy. what an amazing job they had done, painstakingly taken out the years of atrophy and tiny scratches. it looked stunning, all of the emotion of the performance was there, and more clear than ever. As if that wasn't enough, getting to see the simple heartwrenching story as no one has ever seen before, so perfect i cried, even my boyfriend had "moist" eyes as bambi hopelessy searched for his mother. then they bring out the man himself OLLIE JOHNSTON. he is a legend, a rockstar, the ninja to end all ninjas and i couldn't believe i was seeing him with my own eyes, i felt like i was at a rock concert. it was so inspiring to hear him talk about giving life and emotion to the character with the same vigor i imagine him saying it 70 years ago. wow, an amazing part of history.


At 8:42 PM, Blogger gilgamesh said...

Oh man!! You are sooooo lucky! Pictures??? I saw your post on the forum about the screening -- makes me wish i had moved back to LA earlier this year when my husband and i were both out of work and ready to uproot. Disney is THERE, film is THERE.... so much culture, so many opportunities. I noticed that my friend gibby (jgibsoniv on AM) chimed in about lafigart, vilppu, theatre, etc -- he's the MAN on LA goings-on in the arts. Ask him about his first date with his now wife....
i just bought Bambi a few weeks ago myself - not the complicated story construct of modern films, but the animation principles are so SOLID. Dumbo, Pinocchio and 101 Dalmations have also made it into my DVD collection lately. A fav though, is Iron Giant --- Superman!!!


At 8:58 PM, Blogger rebecca said...

Awww man this sounded awesome! I wish I could made it... I totally forgot! Did ya get an pics? Do tell! If you ever need a buddy to go to these thing (animation related) gimme a holla!

At 6:51 PM, Blogger anthea said...

i forgot to bring a camera, as reminded the whole time by my boyfriend saying "i can't believe you forgot to bring your camera". i am not sure if they would have allowed such a tiny little aniamtor such as me to get close enough to take a snap, i could have tried though. i was kicking myself the whole way home thinking of how sweet that would be to have a pic of ollie, me and THE BOOK!

At 6:56 PM, Blogger anthea said...

o and rebecca, we should totally go to more animation stuff. i think i might try to go to the asifa meeting and join, only $20 for students, i asked rosie to email me proof of "studentship" thats on wed 29th at 7pm. then the next thing is birds of a feather women which i already know you are going to, then the mime theatre workshop aug 6 and 7.

o yeah and the 25th AM students from LA are meeting up at the Warehouse restaurant in marina del rey i posted abt it in the la forum.

email me

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Ali said...

damn...i would have loved to be there :(


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