Friday, August 26, 2005

Q and A Delay

Boy do I love face of the day. We had some technical difficulties logging into our class QNA last night. SOme frantic phone calls were made and Bobby "on the fly" Beck was able to get us up and running with only a small delay. Some of us in our class were chatting on MSN group chat before the class and Jeff gave me a mini chat crit, that was awesome, live crit from one of my classmates. I emailed my work in progress to Derek again and got some much needed feedback at the QNA. I have come to rely on the mid week QNA feedback to help me see if I am on the right track, that way I can change things and keep moving in the right direction, as opposed to winging it all week and then finding out the stuff I had been doing for the last 4 days was all wrong. The mid week mini crits are super helpful. Plus I have been heavily using the Critique Forum we have, this is a great place to post a link and get feedback on your WIP. I even posted the reference footage and got great feedback on what to choose. Once again, the AM site has been an amazing tool, what a great idea, now I am cruising the critique forum constantly, a very powerful tool indeed.

Link to Thursday WIP


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