Friday, September 30, 2005

Grease Pencil Tool Rocks!


Wow, am I loving this thing. I got kicked off the labtop because my boyfriend wants to take it to his new job at Sony. So I switched boxes and things aren't working exactly as they were before. After some technical difficulties I am back in the zone hopefully. Rebecca haelped me instal the new version of the GPT. This new version kicks butt, it has the eraser mode and a new layers option. It has been a breeze to use and I am getting much better at roughing out some drawings. I wrongly started blocking my model on Wednesday without using the GPT first to get aproval from my mentor, WRONG!! I'll never do that again. All the time I spent posing was worthless since in the GPT test I ended up figuring out that those poses weren't going to work. It is so much easier to find that out now. I will never again skip this much important step. Yet another lesson in the importance of planning BEFORE touching the 3d model.

Speaking of technical difficulties, Our 2nd Q and A with Jason had a few buggie issues. It seems that Jason's computer was overheated and crashed twice during our session. Jason was trying to show us an example in Flipbook of how he would go about a dialogue shot. I think mostly the main point is to find the GOLDEN poses in your animation as related to the mood and accents of the audio. There should only be one or two golden story telling poses, and don't be afraid to hold those poses and work within them. Mosre notes on this to come in the Jason Ryan Wisdom Blog.



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