Saturday, May 06, 2006

watching the master classes at Bang

Last night I stopped by Bang for The Big Show, a show where a bunch of the master classes get up and perform on a weekly basis. I had a few friends from work who had gone through the program and were in the show, this was the first time I had been able to go check out a show at Bang. There were 4 different master class groups, these groups are formed by who you end up in classes with as you move through the program, it's scary to think that the people I just met on Tuesday may be the people I will get up there on stage with one day, we hardly know eachother now, but I guess after months and months of practice and getting to know one another it might be easier. I thought all the groups did really well, and it was really funny. At the beginning each group asked for a suggestion from the audience, and then the entire improvised performance was based off of that first suggestion. Fascinating to watch, but also really scary to think I may have to do that one day.

I also bumped into my old AM pal Brad Bradbury who was also in the audience. Brad is in Level 2 at Bang and already a seasoned improv guru. I will have to go to him for all my improv advice from now on. Does it get any less scary as the classes move on, Brad? It was also great chatting about the assignments and students at AM, I miss all you guys so much!


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Brad said...

HEy Anthea, glad you are having fun withe the classes at Bang. Sabrina is great fun. If ound it took me about three weeks to warm up to everybody, and really be comfortable... good luck!!


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