Sunday, August 28, 2005

Also Week 10, Emotion Test Revision

Is this ever going to be done?? I have spent longer than I should have on this project, with the decision to start over half way through, it's to be expected that this was going to cause a problem. I did hand in yet another new bocking for the ending (after the tomato hit in the face) for last week's assignment. Last week this assignment was supposed to be completed, polished and wrapped up, mine wasn't! I think Derek wasn't happy about how many times I futzed with the ending resulting in a "dinger" of a grade, and a crit that says "you just gotta do it". So I decide to change the ending yet again. In this weeks crit Derek told me that it might be better for him to come up on the stage left leg after the tomato hit, so I blocked out yet another version and had him look at it in the QNA on Thursday. Since then I have been freaking out about how I am going to get this one done and polished. This is what I'm handing in, I don't think it's done or polished in any way but it is hopefully a step in the right direction.


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