Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Globally Speaking

o man, the global q and a last night w shawn, carlos and bobby rocked! it was amazing to see the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved, esp from the non-US members of AM, some who were up at all hours 4am, 5am, just to be involved. a global experience for sure. so many LOL moments, when brian nicolucci was on cam w his huge beer mug, drinking anytime anyone says "awesome". it was a technological feat to conference in w that many people, i don't know how we didn't crash the internet!! my cam went out a few times, when tom barret was on screen talking about how we need Tshirts so badly!! because when we AM'rs meet up in person, Tom brings a lifesife drawing of SPIKE with him!! he really does! that's the only way we can all recognise eachother, although Tom does look surprisingly like his avatar, that big kahuna!!



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