Sunday, December 04, 2005

Animation Mentor Week 10


I am still working away at this project but don't know if I am making it better or worse. I seem to hate it more every time I look at it. It is just not looking as "perfect" as it should. I changed the ending back to the original way I had it as per Jason's request. I guess having her turn her head and whole body was just toomuch movement so I went back to an earlier version on the ending. i haven't added any thing else to the end but I eventually want her to be brushing back a hair that comes loose during the frenzied "everything!" part. That will require some work in rigging and animating the hair, something I am not looking forward to.

I tried to take Jason's advice and "work through the pose", things were looking very poe to pose in linear, but now I feel like there may be too much motion and it looks distracting or swimmy. I guess it is a fine line betw keeping the character alive and having it look like it's drifting. I still haven't figured it out yet.

This week I was trying to work on my assignment at nights after I got home from work. That tired me out quick. But it was a good thing I got some work done because on Thursday at our Q and A Jason tried out a live dailies idea. A few of us pasted in a link to our WIP so far and the whole class viewed it as Jason gave a critique. That was also a great motivator to get some work done early in the week when I tend to be lazy Sun-Wed. Seems like there hasn't been much time for breaks recently. Yawn. But this semester ends in 1 week which is good news. That also means I only have 1 more week to finish this assignment, which is bad news.


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