Monday, July 18, 2005

I like to hurt Stewie

Week 4

This week's assignment was to block out a rough pass at a heavy push up an incline. As always I find it so hard to start a new animation. I think it's that blank piece of paper syndrome that Ollie Johnston was talking about. I wonder if any one else has this problem too. I gathered my reference for pushes, watched tons of action sequences over and over and found a few pushing styles I liked. I wanted this animation to be a different style from my lst one which I think became more realistic as it progressed. But I just couldn't get the darn thing going. I did have some problems with technical setup stuff, constraining the IK hands, the ground floor and box. Plus the whole issue of IK hands really got me worried since I never used them before. I still think it is hard to get a natural movement with them but I will keep practicing. Anyway, In the meantime I threw myself into the revision of the walk assignment. I still have tons more work to do on that (animation work in progress below) I am still working on the splining. Everytime I mess up with this stuff it is a real "aha" moment where I realize the right way to go about this stuff, usually NOT the way I went about doing it. Well I am still learning so much. And it's fun too. Even when I don't leave the house for 3 days, it's still fun.


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