Thursday, June 30, 2005

Don't Flush That!

this week has started off a little crazy, what else is new. on monday night when i came home my boyfriend told me that our water had been shut off due to a crack or clog or something. the people underneath us had the worst of the problem coming home to find a nasty little surprise all over their bathroom floor, eeww. so we have been staying in a hotel for a few days which was ok, but nothing like home. in fact i could not hook up to the internet i needed to view my crit from derek or the video lectures which i tend to watch obsessivly over and over. rats, i just had to relax and think of them as wasted days. now i will be playing catch up this weekend no doubt since derek gave me a super informative crit and i have tons of new ideas i want to improve upon. i think i need to go back to the reference and try out a few more variations on the walk and also start to think about arms and hands. like derek told me the walk i choose isn't going to have tons of crazy floppy overlap since the character is a more controlled seductive predatory prowler by nature, so it will take some creative thinking to find a way to show overlap, that is the point of the assignment. plus anticipation, we have to have our character begin the walk from a stopped position, adding blocking to the head of the shot. they say you will be contantly be asked to do this in a real job setting if the animation gods shine on us and we are lucky enough to be called animators one day. so i better get practicing now. i think these advanced blocking assignments are really helping, because in a way it is just another for of planning. we have to block out, get our crit, make tons of changes and add stuff to the front of the shot, this is great practice to work out the problems before getting into trouble w tangents and such.

on a different note, i have been cruising the campus for the body mechanics class and i second what aja has said in her blog. these people are all doing amazing work and it is really astounding how much we've learned even in this short period of time. i think it really is a testement to the animationmentor way of teaching. i think we are on the right track and if we all really stick to it we will definetely have a shot at this animation stuff. it looks like everyone has the talent and creative nature animators need, and AM is here to push us to improve to get to our best stuff as fast as possible. i'm really excited to see what else we can do this semester, go AM!

i started my first gnomon gesture drawing class on monday with ron husband as my teacher. he is awesome and a great draftsman. his sketch books were amazing, after drawing everyday for 30 years he has really built up an amazing amount of great sketches. we have a live model in the class and have varied times for quick gesture sketching. ron is teaching us about line of action, getting the force, foreshadowing, tons of great stuff that will help with my posing and animation. i think all of the students in the class are animators and i can see why it's a popular class. i have decided not to take the acting course i had planned to this semester. i feel like i may be spreading myself too thin and want to make sure i have enough time for my AM homework. i will pick up the acting stuff in september, i still very much want to learn about that side and see how it will help with my animations.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger rebecca said...

Hey Anthea,
Nope I didn't get a chance to go to the meeting this week... too many other stuff in the way. I'm definately making the next one. Maybe we can go together to this thingy?

ps- I agree, our class is full of some really really inspiring animators! I can't wait to see us all a year from now...


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