Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Eraser, please!

well here i am back at it again. i have decided to scrap my 1st and 2nd blocking passes at the stewie personality walks. i had some technical problems i just couldn't seem to fix. for some reason the squash and stretch on my arms wouldn't work, and i couldn't squash them back to the normal which should have been -3.7 on this model. we got a newer version of stewie where this problem was fixed, some people upgraded last week and continued with the newer version.

i didn't see how much i really needed the new version til 5 minutes ago, so it looks like i am redoing all of the blocking plus refining and smoothing the animation for the sunday due date. it just has to be done if i want this thing to come out looking like an animation of a woman and not an ape with long hairy arms not that there's anything wrong with long hairy arms, it's just not my thing.

plus i am going to add high heel shoes to the feet, i wasn't sure about doing this and had been thinking about adding them for a while, then derek told me in my crit to go for it and since i am starting fresh there's no better time than the present to put on those party shoes, get down and boogie!

derek also gave me some good advice about editing the opeing sequence i have in the doorway. she goes through a bunch of sexy poses and mabey it was too much and too redundant of a message. alright already, we get it, she's sexy. plus i had this one motion where she lightly runs her hand along her foot and leg, it was supposed to be a sensual seductive move but wan't really reading well according to all the comments i read on my workspace. kung fu dork dieter wrote something about it being a comic relief moment, "i'm so sexy, look at me, o what the hell did i step in?, look at my sexy body" lol.


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