Saturday, July 09, 2005

spline hell

i have finally passed that milestone in every animation, where you've worked so hard on the blocking stepped key stage and have made the perfect blocked out animation sent from the heavens.

well mabey not exactly perfect, but it was time to move on to spline since the new noon sunday deadlines are looming over my computer desk. going from blocked to spline is a hard transition for everyone. there are tons of informative forums ranting about this problem indeed.

it seems that seperation anxiety is bound to occur. where is my old animation? where is my old timing? is it me? i thought we were getting along so well? what happened? things get a little crazy when spline mode comes in. i have yet to figure out a workflow that works in every situation. i don't know how many years that will take.

for my previous assignments i went to linear before going to spline. many people go right to flat tangents so that is what i'm trying this time. there are just so many curves to clean up. i am trying to go through the animation 40 frames at a time and clean up just that section before moving onto the next section of cleanup since there is so much work to do i think tackling it in sections may help. this is a slow and extremely fustrating process. nothing looks or feels the same as in the blocking mode. i will keep trying.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Kimotion said...

I feel your pain.


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