Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back From Vegas

Hi everyone, I'm back from my Vegas vacation. This time around was jam packed with fun and excitement. My boyfriend Marko and I drove to Vegas early Friday morning. We left kind of early so the traffic wasn't bad, boy does it get hot in that desert. We checked in at the beautiful Bellagio, our room was so beautiful with huge windows and a strip and fountain view. The Bellagio has these amazing water shows in the huge lake outside their hotel. Then we had a couples massage in the spa which was so relaxing, we both almost fell asleep. Then it was off to see the O show, it was my 4th time seeing it and Marko's 1st time. It was brilliant as usual. Dinner was at Fix, also in Bellagio. Saturday after room service breakfast we went down to the pools. The pools at Bellagio are wonderful, we swam and suntanned all day. Later that night we headed out to the Hard Rock for dinner at Simon, then some gambling at the craps and blackjack tables, and we won! Sunday was another pool day and it was very hot out there. We went to "The Hotel" which is a new hotel at Mandalay Bay. We had dinner at The Hotel's Mix which was the most amazing restaurant I've ever been to, the food and service was amazing and being 60 stories up, they had the most beautiful view of the strip. The new Circ du Soliel show KA was next, it was pretty good, but not as good as O, we ran into my friend Inna at the KA show, she was only in town for a short while so we weren't able to hang out with her too long. Monday we relaxed, walked around at the Venetian and took a romantic gondola ride in the canals. Then the excitement never stopped as we hopped in a helicopter for a trip to the Grand Canyon, this was one of the most spectacular things I had ever experienced, so beautiful and amazing being around all those ancient rock formations.

On the animation side of things, it was great to take a break from my computer but I have to say that Vegas has some of the best opportunities for people watching, there are so many different types of characters all trying to look this way or that. It's so fun to just watch all the interesting personalities go by. When I got back, I had forgot how much I miss the whole AM group. There is so much to catch up on in the forums, I feel like it's been ages but it's only been a few short days that I've been away. We don't have any more assignments due for this term, the only thing left is the last Q and A session which I have with Derek on Thursday. In this Q and A session Derek will probably give us an overview of how we did in this term and what we need to work on to make it to feature animation one day. I am so sad for this term to end, there is still some work to do on like fixing some parts of the animations I had been working on, but I am also so excited for next term. Bobby told us in the news that the Acting 1 class will only have 2 assignments, allowing us to really love and polish up our shots, this is great news. And the new version of Stewie that we will be using just became available, I am so excited to check him out, I heard he has a mouth, eyeballs and more fingers!!


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